At Blitz PR, we offer a collective solution of strategic Facebook and Instagram ads, visual aesthetic and PR awareness. Our Digital Ad work is based around creating the right audiences matching the brand identity. We create copy target groups in all countries based on Pixel data, newsletter signups and user defined behavior. On top of these retarketing funnels are created to expose website and social media visitors. Our team is ready for any questions and concerns and daily track and optimize the ad account.

Digital Ads Services:

CREATION OF AD ACCOUNT | The initial set up of account. SETTING UP FACEBOOK PIXEL | Website / Drawing customer information and behavior. VISUAL CONTENT | Images / Dynamic Product Catalogues / Videos / Carousels / GIFS. RETARKETING | Funnels / Facebook Pixel Data / Dynamic Product Ads.  TEXT COMMUNICATION | Drawing headliners / Informational descriptions / Call to action. TARGET AUDIENCES | Creation based on Facebook Pixel data, Newsletter lists and behavior. SPLIT TESTING | We regularly test ads and audiences to find the best performing solutions for low spend. REPORTS Monthly reports with clear ROAS (Return on ad spend) and turnover conversion. PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION | Daily tracking and updates on the ad account.


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Our given case was to manage Custommade’s ad account. For this given brand we supply PR, E-commerce, E-mail Marketing and Digital Ads. Due to this we have been able to create a beneficial synergy on all platforms.

A ROAS (Return on ad spend) over 3-4 is considered a worthy investment. Our goal was to maintain a high ROAS above 7 and generate leads to the newsletter list.

Following the Marketing Plan and Yearly Wheel we agreed on different campaigns.

For this account we used a mix between product catalogue images and content we produced in collaboration with the brand.

We made sure to keep all platforms aligned and created look-a-like audiences based on Instagram engagement, website visitors, newsletter signups and top customer lists from Shopify.

For Newsletter Leads we generated a contest on Facebook and Instagram amongst new sign-ups through Facebook Forms. 

By exposing the right audience to Custommade we were able to reach an all time high ROAS of 13.47. 

Our Newsletter Sign-ups went up just under 2000 sign-ups in September. Eventhough this was a lead generating campaign it still had a turnaround with a ROAS on 6.5.  

We were able to use a combination of advertising, Social Media and strategic E-commerce to increate the sales on the website with 195% compared to last year. 


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