Press events

We hold both major and minor events, which are always carefully thought out with attention to detail and aesthetics. We choose locations that match the brand identity, and make sure the press gives an experience out of the ordinary.

A successful event requires the right timing, location, setup and the right guests to come – all this we have extensive experience with and are recognized for executing in the best possible way.

Examples of events we have held are Julie Sandlau Eagle Launch in Bernstorf Castle Park June 2015, Mos Mosh X mas collection launch on Dandy June 2017, Custommade X Medina X Boosts Mevation launch during fashion week Aug 2017, AGL X EUROWOMAN X Kassandra during fashion week Aug 2017, Le Management X Blitz PR Boost lounge during fashion week Feb 2018, Dermalogica night cream launch in the new Royale Suite at NIMB March 2018.

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